The North American Consortium for the Study of End Stage Liver Disease

NACSELD is a consortium of tertiary-care hepatology centers in North America. NACSELD was initially formed to study the role of infections in adult hospitalized patients with cirrhosis in 2011 from whom information was collected prospectively regarding admission data and significant events during hospital stay. In 2013, data collection was expanded its role to include all hospitalized patients with cirrhosis (infected and non-infected). NACSELD currently consists of 16 centers across USA and Canada. The database contains information on 3,000 hospitalized patients with cirrhosis. NACSELD investigators have published several studies and presented leading abstracts in international conferences pertaining to the inpatient course of cirrhosis, and the subsequent outcomes of patients after discharge.

The Steering Committee of NACSELD consists of Jasmohan Bajaj, K Rajender Reddy, Jacqueline O’Leary, Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, Florence Wong and Patrick Kamath. The lead biostatistician is Leroy Thacker, based at Virginia Commonwealth University, where the REDCAP database is also based. The collection of data and analysis for the infection-only study was unfunded but the current study is sponsored by an investigator-initiated grant from Grifols Pharmaceuticals.

AASLD Innovation Fund

NACSELD Members and Their Sites:
  • Jasmohan Bajaj

    MgGuire VAMC, Virginia Commonwealth University
    Richmond, VA
  • Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao

    Yale University
    New Haven, CT
  • Jacqueline G O'Leary

    Baylor University Medical Center
    Dallas, TX
    Dallas VA Medical Center
    Dallas, TX
  • K Rajender Reddy

    University of Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Michael Fallon

    University of Texas
    Austin, TX
    University of Arizona
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Ram Subramanian

    Emory University
    Atlanta, GA
  • Scott W. Biggins

    University of Colorado
    Denver, CO
    University of Washington
    Seattle, WA
  • Florence Wong

    University of Toronto
    Toronto, ON
  • Patrick Kamath

    Mayo Clinic
    Rochester, MN
  • Benedict Maliakkal

    University of Rochester
    Rochester, NY
    University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    Memphis, TN
  • Paul Thuluvath

    Mercy Medical Center
    Baltimore, MD
  • Puneeta Tandon

    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, AB
  • Hugo E. Vargas

    Mayo Clinic
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • Raza Malik

    Beth Israel Deaconness
    Boston, MA
  • Jennifer Lai

    University of California
    San Francisco, CA